The never-ending story of public administration reform in Slovenia (from 1991 to further development)

  • Polona Kovač
Keywords: public administration, reform, Slovenia, EU


In Slovenia, the public administration reform has been a systematic task since 1996 when the government adopted the strategy of transformation of public administration due to Slovenia becoming a full member of EU. Such a strategy could be developed and implemented regarding the fact that Slovenia has had a functioning system of public administration since 1991 when it became an independent state. In the last few years after year 2000 the reform has been built up as constant development of public administration based on several pillars such as civil service system, reorganisation of administrative structures, e-government etc. The public administration reform in Slovenia is therefore aimed at upgrading the existing system in terms of greater professionalism, transparency, efficiency and user-friendly delivery of public services, all together incorporated in the principles of new public management and good governance. The modernisation of Slovene public administration is a process which has been so far based on a rather legalistic approach (a set of basic laws were passed mainly in 2002) and is to be continued especially focusing on process orientation. In July 2003 within special midterm strategy on further development of public sector and later in 2005 within national Strategy on Development of Slovenia till 2013 the coordinated approach has been stressed as well aiming to present administration as an impetus and not an obstacle in developing competitive advantages of national economy. The recommendations that Slovenia can deliver in conducting public administration reform to ensure optimal results are today the following: orientation towards users, effectiveness and efficiency, openness, adequate rewarding of civil servants, optimisation and informatisation of working processes, involvement in international networks, awareness of public administration doings’ impacts in national economy, consistent political support, long-term strategic planning.

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