Financial Position and Sustainability of Associations in Croatia

Keywords: associations, civil society, financial position, funding sources, performance, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia


This paper emphasizes the economic importance of the civil society sector in the national socio-economic context. There is a systematic neglect of the economic and financial components of civil society organizations and non-profit sector in Croatia even though a significant volume of civil society organizations’ activities is funded from public sources and there is a high possibility of exploitation of their relatively privileged tax position. The purpose of this paper is to present research results of the funding sources, the financial potential and the elements of economic performance of citizens’ associations in the Republic of Croatia. The survey sample includes over 20,000 citizens’ associations which have submitted financial reports to the Registry of Non-profit Organizations in accordance with the statutory obligation. The research is based on aggregated data reported in the Balance Sheet and Performance Report for 2015 and 2016. The scientific contribution of the paper is reflected in the assessment of the financial performance and financial transparency of the activities of civil society organizations in the Republic of Croatia and their sustainability in comparison with Serbia and Slovenia.


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Vašiček, D., Sikirić, A., & Kostić, M. (2019). Financial Position and Sustainability of Associations in Croatia. Central European Public Administration Review, 17(1), 93-110.