Development of eHealth in Slovenia - Critical Issues and Future Directions

  • Dalibor Stanimirović
Keywords: eHealth in Slovenia, Austria and Denmark, infrastructure components, comparative analysis, deficiencies and barriers, development guidelines


Although the basic informatization of the health care system was established relatively early, Slovenia still does not have an interoperable and comprehensive health information system (HIS). Fragmentation of information systems (IS) and their limited interoperability significantly compromise further development of the health care system and adversely affect the quality of health care services. Overcoming the aforementioned challenges requires the progressive implementation of eHealth project, which is one of the key long-term goals of the Slovenian public sector. The main objective of eHealth is the comprehensive integration of distributed IS and connection of a widespread network of stakeholders within the health care system. The paper presents the review of eHealth projects in Slovenia, Austria and Denmark, and provides a comparative analysis of the eHealth development in designated countries. Focusing on the Slovenian experience, the paper summarizes the main deficiencies in the current eHealth settings, and finally outlines a set of applicable guidelines for an effective development and implementation of highly intricate and complex eHealth project.   

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Stanimirović, D. (2015). Development of eHealth in Slovenia - Critical Issues and Future Directions. Central European Public Administration Review, 12(4), pp. 9-38.