CEPAR journal: Special Call 2020 for Review/Survey Articles


Like many other fields of science, public administration is experiencing an increasing need for survey – or often also referred to as review – articles that would provide comprehensive overview of selected topics. There are numerous reasons for this need, mostly related to the enormous growth of the published papers and articles and simultaneous increase of the diversity of topics covered. The diversification of topics might seem beneficial, since it causes the decrease of the number of articles per topic. However, even the most narrow, specific topics attract attention of many researchers and are being covered by dozens of articles. Thus, even experienced researchers, not to mention practitioners in public administration, experience hard time getting a quick overview of the state-of-the-art in the domain of their interest.

To address these issues, CEPAR issues this special call for review/survey articles. In contrast with the usual research articles published in CEPAR, that report upon novel research results and findings, review/survey articles are expected to provide comprehensive reviews of existing results and findings related to a selected relevant topic in the field of public administration. A comprehensive review should provide a well structured, taxonomical overview of the recent literature related to the topic by identifying and synthesising main directions and findings of the state-of-the-art studies as well as outlining promising venues of the most recent and further research. A good review article can try to identify novel, previously undocumented relationships among the articles on the selected topic too and therefore allow not only overview but also better understanding of the state-of-the-art.

The target audience for the call include both, senior researchers having long-term perspectives and junior researchers, i.e., recent graduates that have, sometimes together with their supervisors, performed comprehensive literature reviews on the topics of their theses. Especially for the later, publishing a review article might be a way towards establishing a notable presence in the wider community of researchers in the field of public administration.

Some possible topics
that seem relevant regarding CEPAR scope and public administration trends include, but are definitely not limited to, the following administrative subfields:
- collaborative or network governance, co-creation and/or co-production, coordination,
- transparency and participation in public governance,
- digitalisation of public administration, smart governance,
- policy design in general or in selected sectors, its implementation and evaluation,
- agility in public administration organisations: teams and civil servants,
- innovation and sustainability in public governance,
- PA education and research.

While the review/survey articles are expected to follow their own structure, not necessarily aligned with the structure recommended for research papers, all the other CEPAR guidelines for preparing and submitting the manuscript, including the IMRaD scheme, length limit and formatting, apply in full. Consequently, the respective articles will be categorised as original scientific papers, and can also expect a significant level of citations.
This special call has no deadlines, although we would especially like to encourage submission and publication of review/survey articles in the envisaged issues to be published in spring and autumn issues in 2020.
Further information on CEPAR can be found at www.cepar.si or via cepar@fu.uni-lj.si